Doc On-line - Digital Magazine on Documentary Cinema is published twice a year, has two editors and an Editorial Board. The theme for each number is proposed by the Editors or members of the Editorial Board.

Permanent sections of Doc On-line:
- Editor's Note
- Thematic Dossier
- Articles
- Analysis and film reviews
- Readings
- Interviews
- Theses

The editor's note is written by the editors or members of the editorial board. All other sections will publish material sent to Doc On-line either from the call for papers or by invitation.

Material sent to Doc On-line must be in Word format, typed in A4 model, Times New Roman, size 12 and 1,5 spaced. Publication is in pdf format. Converting a file from Word to pdf is to be done by Doc On-line collaborators from the Labcom.IFP - Communication, Philosophy and Humanities (UBI) where the site is located.

Doc On-line publishes articles in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. All articles will be published with an abstract written in portuguese, spanish, english and french.

Doc On-line is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available to all users. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative) definition of open access.

By submitting an article, authors agree that the rights of their work are granted to DOC On-line.

By submitting an article to DOC On-line you confirm that you are the author and own the copyright, that the content is original and previously unpublished, and that you agree with the licensing terms.
DOC On-line only publishes original content, and authors are responsible for verifying the inexistence of plagiarism, including self-plagiarism and previous publication.

Permission for publication of any kind of images must be obtained by the authors of all the texts submited to DOC On-line.

After publishing on DOC on-line, authors may republish their work as many times as they want but always indicating the reference of the DOC On-line issue where the article was first published.


1) Thematic Dossier and Articles

Article length should be between 10 to 25 pages. Page numbers do not include bibliography, filmography, and attachments. Consult: Publishing normes.

The articles under the theme proposed for each Doc Online will be published in the "Thematic Dossier" section. In addition, DOC On-line publishes articles on other topics in the "Articles" section.

For both sections, all articles will be submitted to a preliminary evaluation by the editors who will ask for a minimum of one member of the Editorial Board for an evaluation. DOC On-line adopts the double blind peer review policy according to which the members of the Editorial Board will not have access to the name of the author of the article and, similarly, the authors will not have access to the name of the member of the Editorial Board that evaluates the article.

In these sections priority will be given to articles from both PhDs and PhD candidates. In the case of co-authored articles, the editors may change the order of the authors names.

2) Analysis and film reviews
Texts sent to the editors will have about 10 pages and focused in the analysis (description of parts of the film) and review (value judgments). Editors expect to receive film title, director, year, country, credits of the film or films under analysis/review. In this section the review is made by the Editors.

3) Readings
Readings is a section devoted to critical analysis of books that take documentary either as a major or a minor subject. Editors should receive your text along with the book title, author, publisher, year, and ISBN. In this section the review is made by the Editors.

4) Interviews
An interview of someone who works or has worked on documentary filmmaking is welcome. Along with the interview send the interviewee's name, when and where the interview took place. In this section the review is made by the Editors.

5) Theses
Editors expect an abstract of finished academic theses on documentary with the indication of author, title, institution, supervisor professor and key-words. In this section the review is made by the Editors. Consult:Theses.

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Should any doubt arise regarding the publishing norms, Doc On-line editors will provide an adequate answer.