Doc On-line - Digital Magazine on Documentary Cinema has two editions a year and results of a partnership between the University of the Beira Interior (Portugal) and State University of Campinas (Brazil). Doc On-line site is located at Labcom.IFP - Communication, Philosophy and Humanities (UBI)

The main goal of Doc On-line is to divulge research in the scope of the documentary cinema, with special emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches.

Doc On-line publishes articles in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French and is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available to all users.

The first number was published in December 2006. With this first number and following numbers, Doc On-line intends to divulge texts that express the most important and excellent lines of research in the vast field of documentary cinema.

Copyright belongs to Doc On-line - Digital Magazine on Documentary Cinema. DOI: 10.20287/doc